graphic design, packaging



maggie 5 restaurant, shanghai (cn)



maggie 5 mooncake packaging



Packaging design for iconic maggie 5 mooncakes. Considerated as Shanghai best mooncakes, maggie 5 restaurant needed luxurious packaging matching high-quality products.

To reflect the premium quality of Spanish Pata Negra 5J ham main ingredient used in MAGGIE’S 5 Mooncake,

I choose to highlight the ham part of the pig with golden texture.

To enhance the new packaging visual impact on customer’s mind, I choose to highlight two additional elements:


The specific MAGGIE’S 5 branding blue color

And 5 appearing golden textured moons, symbolizing not only the moon itself, but revealing the number of mooncakes inside the packaging.

In order to keep MAGGIE’S 5 mooncakes safe within the packaging, an additional cardboard element should be placed inside the packaging to encapsulate each mooncakes correctly.